Newman Civic Fellow Award Nominee in ASUM

ASUM President Named Newman Civic Fellow
Mar. 20, 2013

Campus Compact recently honored University of Montana student and Associated Students of UM President Zach Brown as a Newman Civic Fellow.

Brown is one of 181 students representing Campus Compact member colleges and universities from 36 states in the 2013 Newman Civic Fellows class. The award honors student leaders committed to creating lasting change in communities throughout the country.

Brown, originally from Bozeman, is a senior majoring in environmental studies and is active both on campus and in the Missoula community. Aside from serving as ASUM president, he has played an integral role in several organizations and initiatives, including the UM Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology (UMFLAT), 1,000 New Gardens, Montana Environmental Student Alliance and Clinton Global Initiative. He also has received the Truman Scholarship, two Udall Scholarships and has been named a Kentucky Colonel, an honor recognizing noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state or nation.

“I am very grateful to my mentors and supporters at UM, all of whom have empowered me to put myself out there in the community of Missoula,” Brown said. “This town and our University collectively make for an incredibly special place, and I am grateful to be part of the goings on here.”

Campus Compact is a national coalition of more than 1,000 college and university presidents committed to fulfilling the civic purposes of higher education. It promotes public and community service that develops students’ citizenship skills, helps campuses forge effective community partnerships and provides resources and training for faculty looking to integrate civic and community-based learning into the curriculum. Newman Civic Fellows are nominated by institution presidents.

“Zach truly embodies the spirit of the Newman Civic Fellow Award,” said UM President Royce Engstrom in his nomination of Brown. “He has proven himself to be an effective agent of positive change and is dedicated to working toward finding creative solutions to challenges facing our community.”

For more information call Andrea Vernon, director of the UM Office for Civic Engagement, at 406-243-5159 or email


Local, Bozeman

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ASUM To Host Open House In Remodeled Office Space


The Associated Students of The University of Montana will unveil a newly remodeled office space and celebrate a century of UM student leadership from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 8, in the University Center.

ASUM’s offices, located in UC Room 105, underwent a significant physical redesign as a result of the group’s strategic planning process.


“We have grown a lot over the years, and we are hoping that UM alumni and community members will join us to celebrate the success of our student-run, student-funded organization,” said ASUM President Zach Brown.

The event, “Central Board to ASUM – A Century of Student Leadership,” will feature light refreshments, dessert, live music and student art provided by the UC Gallery. On Ensemble, a unique taiko band that combines traditional, electronic and rock instruments, will perform at 5:15 p.m.

The event is free and open to the UM community. Attendees are asked to RSVP to Brown at

ASUM Sustainability Center Information!

ASUM Sustainability Center

Sustainability Center LogoThe ASUM Sustainability Center serves as a resource for students to help promote, develop, and implement sustainability efforts and activities at the University of Montana.  The center’s main projects currently involve working to implement the university’s Climate Action Plan, working with the Sustainable Campus Committee to ensure UM activities meet the American University and College President Climate Commitment, and educating students across campus about sustainability and climate change. 


Get Involved!

The ASUM Sustainability Center offers a variety of ways for students to learn about sustainability initiatives and play an active role in improving the university’s sustainability efforts.  We offer internships, volunteer opportunities, and educational events to increase awareness of sustainability issues on campus.  The sustainablity center and ASUM ssustainability board corrdinat a variety of events and projects through out the year to increase awareness of sistainablilty issues across campus.

  • Earth Week: Have an idea for a Earth Week event at UM?  Email us at
  • Residence Life Eco-Reps: Become a student sustainability advocate in our residence halls.
  • Green Griz Games: Team up with other studetns to lessen the footprint of our athletic events. Become involved in education, recycling, and more. Go Griz, go Green!!

More information about sustainability initiatives at UM can be found at

Want to share interesting and important sustainability info with your peers??

Want to encourage green living in the UM Residence Halls?? 

Then apply to be a 2013/2014 EcoRep!!

 We are accepting applications for four new Eco-Rep positions to begin next year.  Applications are due March 1, 2013.  Eco-Reps are sustainability advocates and educators within the residence halls. They strive to connect residents with sustainability initiatives on campus and the UM Climate Action Plan.  Eco-Reps must be willing to live in one of the following dorms: Knowles, Turner, Craig, or Duniway. You will be given a small stipend to go towards room and board and the option of having a single room. Eco-Reps can also earn three Climate Change Studies credits.

Most importantly, you will be helping UM with an important initiative while developing your own skills and leadership.

Eco_rep Application 2013

Clean Diesel Grant from Montana Department of Environmental Quality

ASUM logo

In an effort to meet future community transportation need in Missoula, ASUM Transportation recently applied for and received a Clean Diesel Grant from Montana Department of Environmental Quality.  A new El Dorado bus will replace one of the 1997 New Flyer buses which are currently in use.  The new bus is being ordered and will be received September of 2013.  Brian Spangler of Montana DEQ found ASUM Transportation a great candidate for this grant.


Growth of service caused students to purchase used equipment to meet demand.  The service gave 3,860 rides in 2000 and in 2012 the system gave 445,000 rides.  The service went from a 15 passenger van to a 6 bus system in a very short time.  With buses costing around $400,000 new and $40,000 used, the students found that used equipment met their needs but were not state of the art equipment and caused some issues with the surrounding neighborhood.  In an effort to address these concerns ASUM has been looking for additional funding and was thrilled to be awarded this grant.

“ASUM Transportation has taken community concerns about noise and pollution levels very seriously,” said ASUM President Zach Brown. “Our service has been reducing traffic congestion and overall emissions along our routes for years. But it is our obligation to plan our future growth so that we can purchase the most efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly buses that student dollars can afford. This grant is a huge step in the right direction–for us, and for the community of Missoula.”


Students continue to appreciate the convenience and efficiency of their bus system.  Likewise, many University District residents appreciate the fact that traffic counts continue to be reduced in this corridor even as the student population grows.  This new bus and the existing system is essential to linking student housing, recreation, general services and Missoula College to the main campus.


Sally Daer, a long-time Missoula resident and member of the University District community, has seen ASUM Transportation services improve her neighborhood over the last decade.


“I used to have a really hard time backing out of my driveway because of traffic, but ASUM’s bus service has really reduced traffic congestion along Arthur Avenue and I no longer have those problems,” she said. “I think those buses have really improved my neighborhood over the years.”


ASUM Transportation is one of only a handful of student-run, student-funded transportation organizations in the country.



Nancy Wilson, Director

Associated Students of The University of Montana Office of Transportation



Zachary Brown, President
Associated Students of the University of Montana
office: 406.243.2038 | cell: 406.396.3037