Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s Plan to use Surplus Budget to Freeze Tuition

The Mind Of Lemm

This is a great idea. We have 450 million dollar surplus in our state. What better way to use the money than continue to make college somewhat affordable to attend.

I am a college student and it is expensive even for me. I am in instate student at the University of Montana, I got good grades in high school and I come from a low poverty family. It was nearly impossible for me to attend college and I was only able to go with the help of some scholarships. If college was any more expensive it would be un-feasible to attend. As is instate tuition is around $18,000 dollars. How expensive was it when you went to school? 3 or 4 grand maybe? Its absolutely ridiculous. Tuition is raising at an exponential rate and it is going to make it harder and harder for students to attend.

I think that…

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