ASUM logoThe Associated Students of The University of Montana (ASUM) works towards bringing quality services to students.
Founded: 1906
We pledge to conduct ourselves and our affairs with honesty, humility, and integrity to best serve all students of The University of Montana and community of Missoula,MT. We commit to the pursuit of achieving common goals through communication, determination, and mutual respect. In our efforts to utilize our diversity and respective resources, we will encourage positive discourse with the participation of The University of Montana student body, Faculty, and the community of Missoula, Montana. We will continually improve our relations, accessibility, and transparency to students and community. We further pledge to develop connection and communications efforts between The University of Montana student body and its Administration. We will always work to our maximum ability and will hold ourselves accountable to this standard of professionalism and excellence.

-ASUM is your student government. It is composed of 26 senators and 3 executives, all elected through a student election in the spring time.

– ASUM meets weekly on Wednesdays at 6 pm to discuss resolutions, committee reports, and student group requests for financial support.

-Through our numerous agencies, ASUM is able to offer childcare, transportation, tenant/ landlord arbitration, and an multitude of other services.

Phone: (406) 243- 2451

Email: asum@mso.umt.edu

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